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1st and Ten Mentality

What is it?

1st and Ten is more than just a position on the field. As women, we can relate to football whether we realize it or not. We are wives, mothers, aunts, workers and managers and we constantly have to go through obstacles (defenders) to obtain our goals. Each day is a new set of downs and we have an opportunity to change our strategy and get past what may have defeated us the day before. Just like in football, we are stronger when we work together in teams and have alignment with one another. Our network and mentors (our offensive line) help protect us or clear our path toward our goals. 

The Four Tenets

Relentless: We believe that every day we get a new set of downs and an opportunity to reset and reach our goals. 

Advocates: We advocate for women, our communities and the environment. 

Coachable: We are coachable, agile and open to learning new things. 

Evolving: Whether we are 21 or 81, we welcome new ideas, new concepts, new technology and we are excited about adapting.

Our Community

The women in our community live these four tenants everyday. As we relentlessly move toward our personal life goals each day, we support each other, cheer for each other and lift each other up. We advocate for other women, viewing each other as teammates rather than competition. For maximum success, life requires us to be coachable: evolving and adapting to new ideas and challenges as they arise.  Our community supports the exchange of new ideas and promotes learning in a safe supportive, judgement free environment, where women get to just be themselves.

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